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Tebodont Stretch Floss 50m

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Stretch Floss

For getting the interdental spaces really clean, expands on contact with saliva into a spongy strand, which cleans more effectively.

INGREDIENTS Contains tea tree oil and sodium fluoride.
EFFECT Cleans interdental spaces, enhances plaque removal and prevents caries.


Tebodont  ® tooth thread , impregnated with tea tree oil, for optimal cleaning of the interdental spaces, swells into a fluffy thread in contact with saliva, thus increasing the cleaning effect. 

Tebodont  ® Stretch floss  imprégné à l'huile de l'arbre à thé, pour un nettoyage optimal des interstices dentaires, gonfle au contact de la salive en un fil moelleux, augmente ainsi le pouvoir nettoyant. 

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