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TEBODONT®-F mouthwash, 400 ml with fluoride

TEBODONT®-F mouthwash, 400 ml with fluoride

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For daily oral and dental care, prevention of tooth decay, helps relieve irritated gums and oral mucosa and enhances plaque removal.

INGREDIENTS Contains tea tree oil and sodium fluoride.
EFFECT Inhibits the formation of plaque, prevents tooth decay, cares for and strengthens the gums.


Dentists recommend TEBODONT®-F mouthwash for: Gum problems and increased plaque formation

helps with: gum problems, soothes, cares, strengthens, regenerates

helps with increased plaque formation, has an antimicrobial effect, protects against caries

TEBODONT® mouthwash: successfully clinically tested

Instructions for use: with the practical dosing device, the exact amount of liquid can be prepared, the rinsing solution can be taken directly into the mouth and the liquid can be moved around with the cheeks for 1 minute, the Tebodont mouth bath is also suitable for gargling, the rinsing solution after about 1 minute (may be a little longer) spit it out. Then do not rinse your mouth with water, use it several times a day as needed

TEBODONT® Bain de bouche with 1.5% d'huile de l'arbre à thé

Pour le soin en cas d'irritations aux gencives, à la muqueuse buccale, en présence d'une quantité importante de plaque dentaire, ainsi que pour l'utilisation à titre préventif, et la prophylaxie de la carie

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