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EMOFORM Kids Healthy milk teeth!

EMOFORM Kids Healthy milk teeth!

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Toothpaste for children

From the first milk tooth up to 5 years

INGREDIENTS Contains sodium- and stannous fluoride. Free from preservatives, artificial sweeteners and sodium lauryl sulfate.
EFFECT Comprehensive protection for your child's first teeth.


EMOFORM ® KIDS Healthy deciduous teeth! Children's toothpaste with comprehensive protection for the first teeth. From the first deciduous tooth up to 5 years. (ph 6 and RDA approx. 40)

The combination of sodium and tin fluoride (500 ppm F) with xylitol offers high caries protection, hardens the still soft enamel of deciduous teeth and protects against erosion. Only the best is good enough for infants and toddlers: that's why the ingredients of EMOFORM ® KIDS have been selected particularly carefully. Caries prophylaxis for important oral health.

EMOFORM ® KIDS is free of allergenic substances, free of dyes, free of preservatives, free of artificial sweeteners and free of sodium lauryl sulphate.

pH 6 RDA about 40 500 ppm fluoride

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