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Drizzle Ginger Shine Raw Honey - Immunity Boost Blend

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Stir into tea or cocktails for a bright and soothing elixir or a calming nightcap. Drizzle Ginger Shine is sunshine in a jar.

Delicious ways to enjoy your Drizzle: Make into a simple syrup for cocktails, incorporate into your favourite hot toddy recipe, stir into tea for a calming elixir, eat by the spoonful as a throat-coat for coughs, glaze a lemon loaf, stir into iced tea, top fruit or sorbet, add to oil-based vinaigrettes, etc. the possibilities are endless!

Drizzle Honey is an everyday luxury you can feel great about. We're completely raw, bee-friendly, and support Canadian beekeepers too!


Raw Drizzle honey, Organic Ginger, Lemon Zest Oil, Natural Elderflower Extract, Natural Chamomile Tea Extract, Lemon Verbena Oil

Made in Canada

Do not use if you allergic to any of the ingredients.

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