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Clear skin set

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You will get all the products that you need:  Sweet & Creamy Oil Cleanser,SiNOZ Face Whitening Cream, SINOZ Clay Face Mask, and SINOZ Vitamin C Serum.

Step 1:

Use the 4 in 1 Sweet and Creamy Oil Cleanser is an a facial cleanser, make-up remover, PH balancer and also supports a healthy skin microbiome.

○ Cleanses in depth without drying out the skin

○ Removes all makeup

○ Provides plenty of nutrients and moisture to the skin

Step 2:

Use the SiNOZ Clay Face Mask, it ensures a good oil balance in the skin. By using this product, skin problems can be prevented. The product strengthens the skin, retains moisture values & prevents acne and blackheads by absorbing the oils in the skin.

How to use?
This product can be used twice a week on clean skin. Apply a thin layer over the entire face, avoid contact with the eyes. Skin irritation may develop after use, this is a normal result of the deep cleansing and accelerated blood flow that occurs during the use. This irritation will disappear after a while.
Step 3:
The SiNOZ Face Whitening Cream helps to lighten dark areas on the face. In this way, the dark spots are leveled out with the rest of the face.
How to use?
Use the product twice a day. Apply the cream by massaging the product with circulating movements. The Face Whitening Cream is suitable for daily use and for all skin types. This product is not a medicine, but a cosmetic product.

Step 4:

Use the SiNOZ Vitamin C Serum where it gives the skin a hydration boost and a perfect glow. The serum works against fine lines and wrinkles and makes a dark and dull appearance disappear.

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