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Blemish Cream - Anti Dark Spot Face Cream

Blemish Cream - Anti Dark Spot Face Cream

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The Sinoz Blemish Cream supports the regeneration of the skin. In this way, the skin color is balanced and an even skin is created. We recommend using this product for: sunspots, birthmarks, spots caused by hormonal changes, acne and blackhead spots. This product can also be used for blemishes caused by laser hair removal treatments.

How to use?
Apply the Sinoz Spot Cream twice a day, in the morning and in the evening, with circular movements on clean skin. Avoid the eyes while applying. Use this product daily for the best result.


LICORICE ROOT EXTRACTS - evens out skin tones. 

CALENDULA PLANT - protects the skin against skin impurities. 

VITAMIN C - Supports the moisture balance in the skin. 

CHAMOMILE EXTRACTS - Provides a moisturized skin throughout the day. 

VITAMIN E - strengthens and smooths the skin to get rid of all blemishes.

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