Is BioMin® toothpaste only for people with sensitive teeth?
BioMin® F toothpaste is a multi-functional product. We believe the qualities of the toothpaste provide benefits for the whole family, not just those suffering with sensitive teeth. It also works to strengthen and protect tooth structure.

What makes BioMin® toothpaste different to other toothpastes on the market?

The award-winning technology behind BioMin® toothpastes has been developed to help reduce tooth sensitivity, help replace lost mineral from tooth surfaces and strengthen tooth structure. The patented technology utilises Fluoride-containing bioactive particles (BioMin® F) and chloride-containing bioactive particles (BioMin® C). The Fluoride within BioMin® F is incorporated within the structure of the particles, so Fluoride is delivered gradually as these particles dissolves for up to 12 hours. Due to this slow release process, lower overall concentration of Fluoride is required providing greater effectiveness and efficiency (up to 8 times longer than traditional Fluoride toothpastes). BioMin® toothpastes mimic and enhance the way saliva replaces lost mineral on tooth surfaces, providing protection and relief.

What are Bioactive glasses / particles?
Bioactive glasses were initially developed for bone grafting, and have been developed for use in BioMin® F toothpaste to deliver a combination of Calcium, Phosphate and Fluoride ions to strengthen and protect tooth enamel through the production of Fluorapatite. These glasses are highly biocompatible. They're tiny too (10th of the width of a human hair), and as such they can penetrate the minute holes within the tooth and adhere to the surfaces of the mouth where they slowly release providing added protection for several hours. 


What's the difference between BioMin® F and BioMin® C?
BioMin® F is a low-fluoride toothpaste, whilst BioMin® C is a fluoride-free formulation. BioMin® F contains Fluoride in the glass besides Calcium and Phosphate, but in the case of BioMin® C, a Chloride ion replaces the Fluoride ion incorporated in the bioglass structure. BioMin® C is a more reactive glass and develops apatite formation more rapidly, precipitating Hydroxyapatite onto the tooth surfaces rather than Fluorapatite, as it does with BioMin® F. 

Does BioMin® F toothpaste relieve tooth sensitivity permanently?
Your mouth is fighting daily against acid attack, and surveys indicate that more than 40 per cent of adults experience tooth sensitivity at some stage during their lifetimes.  Almost everything you eat and drink is either quite acidic, or could contain sugars that can react with bacteria to form acids. These acids will subsequently attack the occluded aspects of the tubules and dissolve Calcium and Phosphate from the surface. To reduce the risk of acid attack we recommend using BioMin® F toothpaste twice daily, which helps to replace lost tooth mineral, and to improve your diet by reducing sugar intake.

Is BioMin® safe for children to use?
We have a specialist toothpaste for children within our range, BioMin F for Kids, which has completed all the necessary safety checks for use by children. The lower level of Fluoride is well within the recommendations for children. This product is aimed at children aged 3-6 years. Children above the age of 6 can continue to use BioMin F for Kids or transition to adult toothpaste, such as BioMin F. 

Can children younger than 3 years use this product?
BioMin F for Kids has been fully tested, and toxicology tests confirm that it is safe for use in children over 10kgs in weight. Due to regulations concerning instructions for use, most children's toothpastes are recommended for 3+ years as it is generally understood that young children cannot spit out excess product, and toothpaste should not be consumed. However, it is safe to use a smear of BioMin F for Kids toothpaste (rather than a pea-sized amount), as directed, for under 3s. 

Is BioMin™ F safe to use while pregnant?
Whilst we have yet to undertake clinical research on the use of BioMin™ F for pregnant women, we see no reason why it should not be used. The lower level of Fluoride is well within the recommendations does not represent a foreseeable risk.

Does BioMin™ F toothpaste provide the right amount of Fluoride for hypoplasia?
BioMin™ F toothpaste delivers for up to 8 times longer than traditional Fluoride toothpastes on the market, thus providing continuous protection. The level of Fluoride delivery from BioMin™ F toothpaste combined with Calcium and Phosphate is optimal for the development of new tooth mineral. We believe that not only Fluoride but also Calcium and Phosphate are required for effective development of new tooth mineral (apatite). Whilst we have yet to undertake clinical research in this area, it is potentially feasible that BioMin™ F may be an effective aid for such cases.

How much Fluoride does BioMin™ F toothpaste contain?
BioMin™ F contains approximately 60% less Fluoride than most supermarket and pharmacy toothpaste, containing less than 600 ppm Fluoride per tube, compared to most supermarket and pharmacy toothpaste which contain around 1400-1500 ppm. The lower Fluoride level may reduce the risk of fluorosis.

What is Dental Fluorosis?
Dental Fluorosis is a change in the appearance of the tooth’s enamel surface. Common cases of Fluorosis do not cause pain or affect the function of the tooth. Mild forms of Fluorosis appear as white markings on the tooth’s enamel which are difficult to see with the untrained eye. However with severe Fluorosis the enamel may have pitting and brown spots.

What causes Dental Fluorosis?
Dental fluorosis is caused by consuming too much Fluoride. With this knowledge, scientists and researchers at BioMin Technologies have created BioMin® F toothpaste to deliver lower levels of Fluoride with less than 600ppm per 75ml tube.

What is BioMin™ C toothpaste?

BioMin™ C is the FLUORIDE FREE toothpaste which also contains bioactive glass, formulated to adhere to the tooth surface and slowly release mineral ions in a similar manner to BioMin™ F - only without the Fluoride and much faster – to produce a hydroxyapatite coating.

Does BioMin™ F toothpaste have a whitening agent?
Most of the “whitening” and “brightening claims” made by retail toothpastes are based on the toothpaste having mild abrasives that can reduce surface staining. BioMin™ F is classed as a low abrasive toothpaste so therefore could deliver some whitening benefits. To receive significant whitening benefits consumers are advised to visit their dentists.

Are BioMin® and Novamin® the same?

Though BioMin® and Novamin® belong to the bioglass family, their components are different. The BioMin® (active compound) is a newer compound called Calcium FluoroPhospho Silicate. Novamin® is a Calcium Sodium Phosphosilicate. The newer BioMin® F compound has three advantages: It contains Fluoride within the glass structure, enabling slow and extended release of up to 12 hours; has a higher Phosphate content for enhanced bioactivity; and smaller particles which can enter and fill the tooth’s open tubules. Find out more here.

When should I brush my teeth?
It’s best to brush twice a day, first thing in the morning (before breakfast) and last thing at night. Never brush immediately after consuming food or drink because your tooth enamel will be slightly weakened and more susceptible to abrasion. Click here for helpful tips on how to brush with BioMin® toothpaste products.

How firm should my toothbrush be?
We recommend using a soft-medium toothbrush when using BioMin® toothpaste products.

Does the Oral Health Foundation endorse BioMin® products?
BioMin® F, the pioneering toothpaste which replaces lost tooth mineral, has become the first toothpaste to gain accreditation from the Oral Health Foundation’s expert panel for both sensitivity reduction and remineralisation. Consumers can be assured that a product such as BioMin® F, which carries the Oral Health Foundation approved logo has had its claims rigorously checked and effectively verified. The accreditation is applicable worldwide. For more information click here.

Is BioMin Technologies fully certified?
BioMin Technologies is in receipt of both Certificate of Registration of Quality Management System to I.S. EN ISO 13485:2016 and Quality System Approval Certificate Medical Devices Directive 93/42/EEC as a class IIb medical device. Quality Management Certificates.

What's the formulation of BioMin® C and how are the ingredients used?
BioMin C (bioactive glass): 
Active ingredient which adheres to the tooth upon brushing and slowly dissolves saliva to release calcium and phosphate which precipitate on the tooth surfaces as hydroxycarbonated apatite (same as the natural tooth)
Sodium Lauryl Sulphate:  Foaming agent
Titanium Dioxide:  White lustrous colour
Carbomer 974P:  Viscosity modifier
Potassium Acesulfame: Sweetener
Pyrogenica Silica:  Thixotropic viscosity modifier
Zeodent 113:  Cleaning agent / stain removal
Zeodent 165: Viscosity modifier - thickener
Peppermint Flavour N&A: Flavourant
Glycerine: Carrier
Polyethylene Glycol: Adhesion of glass to tooth

Where I can buy BioMin™ toothpaste in Canada?
At this point in time, BioMin™ is currently only available through this website. If you would like your local chemist or dentist to stock BioMin™ please ask them to contact us.

What is the EU Allergens Free means for BioMin Toothpaste?

The EU's Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety (SCCS) has identified and established 26 cosmetic ingredients that are likely contact allergens (potential to cause skin allergies) as demonstrated in clinical or epidemiological studies. The EU's SCCS have recommend companies to disclose them on the labels if used and in cases where the concentration exceeds 0.001% in leave-on products and 0.01% in rinse-off products, then they must be labelled.

Look out for the tick on the EU-Allergen free label to know your product is free from any of the 26 identified cosmetic ingredients.

For more information regarding the EU's Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety, please visit their official website.

Please check the ingredients of the store products before you buy. Do not use if you allergic to any of the ingredients.

Are any animal by-products used in the manufacture of BioMin® toothpaste products?
BioMin products are vegan. No animal derived products are contained in BioMin® and no animal testing has been used in its development.