BioMin™ F toothpaste Fights Decay


 BioMinF fights decay up to 6X longer!

Slow-release low dose fluoride a performance breakthrough!

BioMin™ F 530 ppm fluoride. Regular adult toothpaste approx 1,450 ppm.

Source: BioMin™ F Data on file.  Dentine Hypersensitivity: Advances in Diagnosis, Management, and Treatment.


Fluoride fights decay and protects teeth. BioMin™ F patented technology turns the tables on traditional toothpaste by using fluoride much more efficiently. BioMin™ F contains up to 60% less fluoride but retains therapeutic (beneficial) levels in the mouth up to 6X longer than standard toothpaste.

The availability of fluoride, calcium and phosphate creates an armour on the tooth’s surface.  This armour helps protect the tooth against further decay (caries) and helps shield against acids.  When the tooth comes under attack BioMin™ F releases additional essential minerals to help further protect the tooth.