BioMin F Creates a protective armour

Benefit 1: BioMinF combats sugar & acids

Modern diets are full of sugar. BioMinF works harder when under attack.

Modern diets are full of sugars, bacteria in the mouth turns these sugars into acid. Acids attack teeth leading to decay (caries). BioMinF actively works to neutralise acids in the mouth helping stop demineralisation and decay.

Benefit 2: BioMinF helps protect receding gumlines:

Internal occlusion of dental tubules with acid resistance

With ageing, the gum line can recede exposing dentinal tubules. New technology has enabled a portion of the BioMinF particles to be small enough to enter the tubules. BioMinF’s unique formula helps create a preferential fluorapatite seal from within, for greater resilience to acid attack. Fluorapatite is created on the surface of the tooth and also preferentially on the appetite rich walls of the dentine tubules. This fluorapatite seal exhibits a high-level reduction in hydraulic conductance.

Tubule Occlusion before and after brushing with BioMin™ F.