GHP Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 2021

May 2021

BioMin has won another award further confirming the great performance for treatment of sensitivity.

BioMin award 2021


BioMin researcher wins Malaysian national award

22 Oct 2020

Dr Tie Sing Fong, who carried out research into BioMin F for his PhD, has won a prestigious award for his work in his home country of Malaysia. Read the full article here: 


GHP Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 2020

BioMin Technologies have been awarded "Best Tooth Decay Prevention Solutions Provider - UK" at the Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 2020.


GHP Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 2019

BioMin Technologies won another award in 2019 which is awarded by GHP as Best Oral Sensitivity Relief Providers - UK

GHP Reward


2019 Varshneya Award

Founder of BioMin wins prestigious award

Professor Robert Hill, chair of dental physical sciences at Queen Mary University of London has received the Varshneya Award for his pioneering research into halogen bioactive glasses for dental applications. 

Professor Hill, the first British scientist to win this award, was presented with his prize at the 25th International Glass Congress in Boston.

The Award was made by the American Ceramic Society.

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2017 Dental Industry Awards Finalist 

Dental Industry Awards Finalist 2017

BioMin Technologies Limited announced as innovation of the year finalists at the Dental Industry Awards.



2015 Gottadi Award

Initiated in 1987 in memory of Prof. V. Gottardi* is awarded annually to young people with outstanding achievements in the field of glass in research and development, teaching, writing, management or commerce.
*former ICG president and affiliated with the University of Padua.



Armourers and Brasiers Venture Prize 2013

The Armourers and Brasiers Venture Prize is a significant factor in enabling the commercialisation of promising materials-based technologies in the UK. The research and development led by Professor Robert Hill (Head of Dental Physical Sciences at Queen Mary's Barts and the London School of Medicine and Dentistry), resulted in a new technology (BioMin™) to combat the kind of tooth pain caused by hot or cold food or drinks.

It was this new technology (BioMin™) which went on to win the Venture Prize in 2013.

The BioMin Technologies Limited team created new degradable (bioactive) particles, similar in size to the very small perforations (tubules) in tooth dentine, which are associated with tooth pain. These tiny perforations lead to nerve endings located within the tooth.

When these tubules become exposed (as a result of the gums receding gums or enamel loss) the fluid flow through tubules in the tooth can trigger pain. The bioactive particles designed by BioMin Technologies Limited, enter these perforations and physically block and repair the exposed area. Through the release of Calcium and Phosphate ions from BioMin™, mineralisation can also be promoted within the tubules.

The particles are made of special dissolvable glass which is incorporated into the toothpaste and will dissolve in the mouth, releasing Calcium and Phosphate ions after brushing to form tooth mineral. This may reduce tooth pain, minimise the incidence of tooth decay and help to repair tooth surfaces. This innovation could bring relief to the estimated 20 million adults in UK (40% of the UK adult population) – and similar percentages in other developed nations, who are prone to tooth sensitivity, untreated tooth decay or cavities. The Worshipful Society of Armourers and Brasiers recognised this potential benefit when presenting their award.


2013 Alan Wilson Award

This award is intended for outstanding members of the SMBE community who are in the early stages of an independent research career. The primary signal of research excellence is a trajectory of innovative, creative and research that is moving the field of Molecular Biology and Evolution forward.