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We want to be Canada’s best company at building community through our five guiding pillars: representing where you come from; sharing stories from the community and from the products success stories;  collaborating with others who also want to have a positive impact; giving back through local charities; and Selling Best Healthy & Beauty products. 


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Distributed by Tradeo International Inc.
Tradeo International Inc. is a Canadian Import/Export company and distributor for Dental, Health, and Beauty Products. We are mainly operating in Halifax, Nova Scotia, where we sell the products of our partners across multiple sales channels including e-commerce platforms and more. Our business is involved in the following business activities; International Consulting, Import/Export business, Pharmaceutical Business, Medical & Dental business, and e-commerce business.
Business Information:

Business Name: Tradeo International Inc.

Corporate email: info@tradeo.ca

Corporate website: www.tradeointl.com

Online Store: www.halesiastore.com 

BioMin Store: www.biomin-toothpaste.com

Developed and Licensed by:

BioMin Technologies Ltd of the UK was established in 2014 to commercialize research conducted over the past decade at Queen Mary University London and Imperial College, London, to develop bioactive glass materials to reduce dentine hypersensitivity, promoting remineralization and protection against tooth decay. BioMin’s technology received the 2013 Worshipful Company Armourers and Brasiers’ Venture Prize for innovation. BioMin’s technology is based on two key patent applications. The first is on fluoride-containing bioactive glasses. The second is on chloride containing bioactive glasses.

BioMin email: info@biomin.co.uk

Phone: + 44 (0) 203 281 7282

Address:  Room E204, Queens Building,

Queen Mary University of London,
Mile End, London E1 4NS

Dental Wholesalers & Professionals

BioMin Technologies Limited is an award-winning company that produces clinically proven dental products. BioMin® toothpaste is one of the best dental hypersensitivity products in the world and it's one of the fastest-growing innovative products. BioMin® F has become the first toothpaste to gain accreditation from the Oral Health Foundation’s expert panel for both sensitivity reduction and remineralization.  

BioMin Brand has a strong customer and trade feedback suggest BioMin Toothpaste has a very high level of brand loyalty and repurchase and has performed well in comparison tests to mainstream market brands. 

To discuss an opportunity to stock or wholesale BioMin Toothpaste to your customers or patients, please send an email to our corporate email address info@tradeo.ca or you can fill out this form

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