Tradeo International Inc. Rebranded Online Store

Tradeo International Inc. Rebranded Online Store

31/07/2018 - Admin

Tradeo International Inc. - Halifax made a Soft Launch for BioMin C toothpaste for Canada in 6th of June 2018 which was through social media & email campaign only. The feedback was very positive and many of our customers were asking for BioMin F toothpaste and as many know we are working hard with BioMin UK to make it happen. We can not wait to launch BioMin F in Canada, we are hoping by Fall this year.

This Soft launch and giveaway campaign were very positive for everyone including us. We were able to track the hiccups and resolve it before we make an official Launch. So we thank everyone who sent their feedback.

It is our pleasure to announce that we rebranded our online store and the online store has become for Health & Beauty store we named our store HealthPulze as we are currently signing contracts with International Health & Beauty companies bringing what is best, unique products into Canadian & United States market.

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