Ho ho how to keep your smile healthy this Christmas

Ho ho how to keep your smile healthy this Christmas

Festive food, sparkling smile: How to keep your mouth healthy this Christmas 

The shops are packed, the obligatory pictures of decorated trees are filling up our Facebook feeds, and the kids are going crazy; there’s no doubt about it, Christmas is just around the corner.

Some of the things this time of year brings are unavoidable: hearing Michael Bublé everywhere you go, trying to find the perfect present for relatives you only ever see in December, and donning an ugly festive jumper. But there’s one thing you might not have thought about as you get ready for the big day… your health!

Season’s eatings


Christmas is a time of joy, wonder and magic. It’s also a time of indulgence, as we’re surrounded by seemingly endless amounts of pigs in blankets, potatoes and pudding… not to mention the mulled wine and spirits we wash it down with. And all this, after we’ve enjoyed a month of eating advent-calendar chocolate for breakfast!


It’s no wonder the average person gains up to 13lbs over the holidays1 (probably about the weight of your turkey!). And it’s also no surprise that exercising more and eating healthily were the UK’s top two New Year’s resolutions in 2016, at 22% and 19% respectively.2


It’s only right that we enjoy ourselves over Christmas – that’s what January’s for, right?! – but though a few pounds can be fairly easily shed at the start of 2017, some damage is not as simple to put right.

Brush up for Christmas


What we’re talking about is, of course, the damage our favourite seasonal treats do to our teeth. And as we head to countless dinners and parties this month – perhaps drinking a little more wine and a few more cocktails than usual (as well as fruit juices on the days we’re designated driver) – it’s more important than ever that we minimise it. After all, who doesn’t have a healthy smile on their wish list?

By using #BioMinF, you’ll not only protect your teeth from the effects of festive (and notably acidic) food and drink, but could strengthen them too. Imagine tucking into your lunch on Christmas day without pain and sensitivity!

If you’d like Santa to drop some BioMin into your stocking, let him know in your letter that he can purchase some here – and in the meantime, discover our other top tips about keeping your mouth happy over Christmas and beyond here.


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