You can’t do better than BioMin®

You can’t do better than BioMin®

Dr James Durie, Hampton, Middx

Prevention is the key – avoiding loss of tooth structure BEFORE it becomes a problem. They are really on to something with this product. Nowadays I am seeing a lot of patients with sensitivity due to erosion, dissolution and reflux. An ageing population with mild gastritis or on multiple medications may have complications due to reflux and dry mouth. If sensitivity is left to continue and is continually irritated, it can be serious and lead to a possible need for endo treatment or even loss of the tooth.

Our patients with persistent sensitivity not helped by the mainstream sensitivity brands have been swapped to BioMin® – and have nearly all found it to have helped. They say their teeth felt ‘smoother’, and often they appear shinier and they are more comfortable, which is logical if the particles are entering and occluding the tubules. They also like the taste and that it foams less than some other products. The smooth surface is easier to clean and the fact that the pain is less means that patients can brush more effectively.

I am getting a lot of repeat requests for BioMin, and I am confident that there isn’t anything better for sensitivity. I also recommend it for patients with fixed orthodontic brackets, and when carrying out whitening our practice policy is to provide a couple of sample tubes with the information pack to ensure patients do not have sensitivity before the treatment and to prevent it developing during the treatment. BioMin has been developed by scientists and dentists at Queen Mary University of London, not a big international drug company, which appeals to me, and many of my patients feel the same. They read the website and the leaflet, and like that BioMin Technologies is a UK firm, as well as the concept of lower dose, slow release fluoride. My top tips on the application: Just spit don’t rinse; keep a sample tube in your handbag and have a little lick to freshen the mouth as well as stabilizing the acid.

I can see that it works – at review, I use a 3 in 1 – if patients don’t gasp at the cold air, then their sensitivity must be improved. It is a very useful weapon in my armoury against tooth loss. You can’t do better than BioMin.

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