Prevention and cure in one

Prevention and cure in one

Dr Victoria Sampson

Dr Victoria Sampson, Associate Dentist in London West End and North London

Before I graduated from Bart’s and the London Hospital, I had heard from tutors that BioMin® was being developed and produced at Queen Mary University, and I was fascinated by the biochemistry of it.

Therefore, when I became an associate and noticed that my patients were experiencing increasing sensitivity and erosion, I looked into BioMin in more detail. In practice, I perform a lot of whitening and needed a solution for sensitivity. I particularly enjoy carrying out whitening for patients with severe discolouration, for example due to tetracycline staining or fluorosis.

These patients often require whitening over a long period of time, which can cause severe sensitivity. I now recommend that these patients in particular use BioMin F before, during, and after whitening to help with their sensitivity. Following the great feedback I got from patients, I decided to make the shift to BioMin F too, having suffered from general sensitivity for years. Before using BioMin F, I could not eat ice cream let alone whiten my teeth!

I have now been using BioMin F for a few months and have noticed a big decrease in sensitivity. My family and I are now loyal users. I also now recommend any of my patients who present with erosion, to also use BioMin F. Using a toothpaste that remineralizes the enamel and enables a slow release of fluoride, calcium and phosphate ions, not only improves the mineral content of the enamel but also makes the enamel more acid-resistant. BioMin F is essentially prevention and a cure in one for erosion patients. Since recommending this, I have noticed my patients’ teeth look visibly stronger.

The novel biochemistry of BioMin is revolutionary in my opinion, providing a reliable solution for my erosion and sensitivity patients.

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