Over 90% benefited from BioMin® toothpaste...

Over 90% benefited from BioMin® toothpaste...

Dr Rash Patel

Dr Rash Patel, London

I read the BioMin® information and was impressed by the science behind it, the bioactive glass and the slow release concept, as well as the physical barrier provided by the product. I also liked the idea that it avoided the need for a blast of high concentration fluoride. I recommend it for sensitivity due to gum recession and exposed dentine. I like the concept that it treats and protects the exposed tooth structure rather than flooding the mouth with fluoride, which is rinsed away within minutes.

The binding property appeals to me, and the fact that the effect is reinforced by cleaning every 12 hours. As a clinician I make a judgement on what I see works, and my own informal research, giving free samples to patients with sensitivity who had tried other products without success, showed that the ‘overwhelming majority’ – over 90% - got benefit from using BioMin. Where the abrasion is not deep enough to warrant a filling, I encourage them to change their brushing habits and use BioMin to prevent the problem getting worse – and ideally to remineralise the enamel.

If the patient is feeling better and sensitivity is reduced, the product is doing its job. This can be a life-changing benefit. It is not the amount of fluoride that counts but the length of time it is in contact with the tooth. BioMin is attached to the surface and as it slowly dissolves, the particles enter the tubules to form a protective layer. This is especially important with patients who consume a lot of Diet Coke for example during the course of the day.

An additional benefit of BioMin is that if they are motivated to clean their teeth because it isn’t painful any longer, then they will brush better and their plaque removal will be better. It’s common sense. Patients trust your advice and you need to have the tools to give them what they need.

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