It's a testament that I'm happy to use it on my children

It's a testament that I'm happy to use it on my children

Victoria Wilson, Dental hygienist, dental therapist, dental speaker, and key opinion leader; founder of Smile Revolution

I first learned about BioMin® F at the BSDHT conference in Wales where I spoke to the BioMin staff on their stand.

I was very interested in the science behind it and wanted to research it more. Since then I have recorded a podcast about BioMin F on Smile Revolution, a podcast that supports advancement in the dental profession. From what I know of BioMin F, I strongly believe this toothpaste has the potential to play a significant role in helping to reduce the risk of dental caries.

Although I am currently not in practice as I have a young family, I use it myself and, since BioMin F for Kids became available, I use it on my children, which is a testament to my belief in the product.

BioMin’s capacity to stay in the mouth, protecting and remineralising teeth, for up to 12 hours, is unique, and I believe it potentially has the ability to really have an impact on the public’s oral health.

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