I am convinced that BioMin® Toothpaste works...

Dr Mark Maharaj - Park South Dental Practice, Swindon

I’ve been a GDP for 20 years, working almost entirely in the NHS, with patients from a wide cultural background, and their dental health and oral hygiene are affected by various cultural influences. I had read about BioMin® in the press and was intrigued and wanted to try it out on patients suffering from sensitivity.

I wasn’t 100% convinced but believed it was worth a try with potentially a lot to gain if it worked. I recommended it to patients who had problems with recession, brush abrasion, and sensitivity. They have seen positive results and with reduced sensitivity are now able to brush without discomfort. They are extremely happy and have recommended it to their friends and families. They are happy to buy it from us but they would love it to be more readily available in the supermarket or pharmacy. Although the article suggested there would be good results, I was surprised by such a strong positive reaction, and the increased demand to stock the product. Many come back and buy two tubes at a time to ensure they don’t run out.

They definitely have reduced sensitivity and they are much more willing to brush close to the gum line which has improved their plaque index and general oral hygiene. It’s still early days and I do not yet have clinical evidence of BioMin reversing lesions, but I believe that if we can reduce the pain of brushing teeth it will generally improve oral health and lower the risk of lesions getting worse.

I am convinced that it works for patients with sensitivity, and can see the benefit to those who use it regularly. I think it has changed the way they brush and their oral hygiene routine. Brushing with BioMin F twice a day is a more consistent method of delivering fluoride and enables the effect to continue over a 12-hour period. Colleagues – try it for yourselves and you will be able to judge the benefit it will deliver to you and your patients.

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