Good to have options with BioMin® toothpaste products

Good to have options with BioMin® toothpaste products


Joss Harding, Hygienist, Stroud, Glos

I found out about BioMin® from a dental magazine and was interested in such a different approach. I’m fairly new to it – I’ve only been recommending it for the last few months. I like everyone in the practice to try new products, so I gave samples to all the practice team and got good feedback from the staff.

Our clinical manager uses it on her two-year-old and both child and mother like it – especially the flavour and texture (and the tube shape!). I recommend it for patients with sensitivity issues especially if they have a high acidity diet, or if they aren’t keen on fluoride in high doses. My special interest is patients with cancer - on multiple medications, with dry mouth issues, and at high risk of demineralization. I have been offering it to these patients with good results. I was attracted by the calcium phosphate content, as well as the slow release concept, and the low abrasivity of the small particles. Stroud, where I work, has quite an ‘alternative’ and ‘green’ population – local patients like the low dose slow-release fluoride concept, the UK university development, and the fact that it’s not tested on animals.

Many of them are quite ‘switched on’ and some have come in specifically asking for BioMin. Patients return saying they like the sensation of smoothness and cleanliness all day long, and the feeling that the slow release is protecting their teeth over several hours. I like to give people options, and for certain patients I am pleased that there is a completely fluoride-free variant.

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