Find out why I'm passionate about BioMin® F Toothpaste.

Find out why I'm passionate about BioMin® F Toothpaste.

Sam Davidson

Hygienist in four practices across the South East.

BioMin® F was recommended by one of the dentists at my Canterbury practice. I have had such great results, I am now passionate about BioMin toothpaste. I trialed it on myself first. I found I was sensitive to cold air when I had had whitening treatment, so I used BioMin F for 14 days and the sensitivity was improved enough for me to go on with the treatment. As a trial in the practice I gave about 30 patients a sample and all gave positive feedback. Many have continued to buy it. A couple of cases have been especially successful: a patient suffering from sensitivity during whitening was able to resume treatment after using BioMin.

Also, one with recession and extreme sensitivity was so improved, that I could carry out scaling. Now I recommend it for elderly patients with recession and routinely for patients during and following whitening. I have also recommended BioMin C to a patient who is very against toxins in the environment and in products. They are also prone to decay and early stages of demineralisation. It’s early days yet but signs are positive that the patient is benefiting. I had initially been concerned about the lower levels of fluoride than in competing products based on soluble fluoride, but I like the slow-release, constant flow of fluoride over several hours, giving continuing protection.

I am passionate about the product, and I am starting a study group with colleagues to look into it more closely.

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