BioMin® is a game-changer...

BioMin® is a game-changer...

Theresa McCarter

Theresa McCarter, Hygienist and Continuing Education Speaker, California

I have been a hygienist and educator for over 20 years, licensed in four US states, and I see education as an essential part of the hygienist’s role. I’ve been a fan of Novamin for a long time and when I read about BioMin® I was very excited about an improved bioactive glass. I brought some samples in from the UK to try them out on patients with particularly severe problems and have had great results. I believe bruxism and nutrition are the central problems in dental health among the US population in terms of sensitivity – bruxism leading to recession and root exposure, and the widespread diet of complex carbohydrates.

A toothpaste that will address the sensitivity caused by the recession is going to make a huge difference. Although the concentration of bleaching agents in whitening products has been reduced, there is still much sensitivity associated with whitening, due to the opening of the dentinal tubules. Some people (especially in California where the image is so important) go overboard on whitening, especially home use products. We recommend only use in-office treatments and the management of sensitivity before and during treatment. I have recommended BioMin to patients with poor diet, a history of drug problems, hypoplasia, dental phobia and poor oral hygiene and following gastric bypass surgery and excessive tooth whitening treatment – all with excellent results (see case studies). What I like about it is that it is an everyday toothpaste that can benefit 80-90% of our patients. When BioMin C becomes available over here we will use it extensively. It will be a game changer.

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